Gratitude: Week Two

Love. I know, this one is going to seem a little bit cliche and typical but with every part of me, I am grateful for the love of my life.

I think love is often mistaken for feelings. When you think of love, you think of handholding, mushy forms of expression and hearts but love is more than that. So much more than that.

Love is Choice

I think I’ve said this before but love is a choice. Imagine that. Someone made the conscious decision to hold your hand tightly when the world is crumbling underneath you. Someone was fearless enough to tell the world that they couldn’t see themselves with anyone else but you. Someone placed their open and vulnerable heart in front of you and told you it was yours for safe keeping.

My life changed when I chose to love Josh. It became nearly whole when he chose to love me. It became complete when we chose to become one and serve the Lord together. Love has sustained us. It’s saved us time and time again. It’s all that’s holding us together while we’re in the thick of it now.

Gratitude is not a big enough word but I am very, very grateful.

January 8, 2020
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